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A Little Sexist, A Little Racist, And A Lot of Fun

To be honest, I am not all that interested in who is the next President of the US. During the 2004 Presidential election cycle, I was heavily invested in the outcome and I was sure that more than half of the voting public would finally see this President as the worst we've ever had in our history and replace him. I have a bet right now with two people I work with for $20 each that the Dems will fuck up this election somehow and the Republican party will win again. I will put no degree of incompetence past them. They did it in 1988 by throwing a walking, talking eyebrow up there, and they can do it again.

My disinterest and bitterness which surrounds Presidential politics stems from the continued use of the Electoral College system of voting and my inhabitance in a southern state. North Carolina has a conservatively Democratic state House and Senate, but consistently puts Republicans in the US Senate and White House. What you'll say next is that every vote counts, you have to vote. That myth has finally been dispelled. My vote didn't count in 2000, along with a lot of other people; but in a larger sense, as long as I live in this state, my vote for President will never count. It may be a high coincidence that the person I voted for gets the required number of EC votes and gets into the White House, but this is not always the case.

To answer the question: Who do I think will be the next President of the United States? Making the leap of faith that the Democratic party does not fuck up this golden trifecta of opportunity with a very unpopular war, a looming recession and a sitting President with an approval rating in the 20s assuming they can do that, I am sure that John Edwards will receive the party nomination to be on the November 2008 ballot. As much as I would like to see Bill Clinton back in the White House, he probably has just as much power now as he did as President. The person who I want to be President, and the only person I will vote for is Barack Obama. It is difficult to decide whether or not this nation's racism is worse than its sexism. No, of course it is. What am I saying. But a white kid from the south up against Hillary Clinton and a black man couldn't do much better odds-wise.

Fortunately for the Democrats, the Republicans seem to have their heads in the vicinity of their asses right now and that can't hurt. What will happen is that the Democrat elected will have the war hung around their neck like a noose, and then in 2012 somehow magically we will all have forgotten how all of this got started. It will be the reverse of Vietnam with the buck being passed from Republican to Democrat. What we really need is someone we can all rally around and hate, not this War on Terror nonsense. We need the return of good old European fascism and communism to make a comeback. We need the Ruskies to dig up the head of Adolf Hitler and extract some DNA from that sonnofabitch and get some cloned racial hatred going against some group that we can all agree is worth helping out, even though we're really doing it for a whole slew of other reasons, while busy ignoring our hypocrisies at home with our own racism and such and such. It would make us all feel so good to have a common enemy again. We almost had one in Osama bin Laden, but it turns out that his family has too much money and does business with the family who runs this country.

The best overall solution is an invasion of our country by some other country. I don't know enough about Revolutionary War history to say if the Brits were already here or if they swam over to fight. Maybe it was both. But that's neither here nor there. If Africa The Continent could get their shit together and stop dying of AIDS, they could swim over and beat our cracker asses back into the stone age, and with a black President leading the way, make this country great again. And give the Native Americans all of those middle states to live in and tear down all of the casinos.

Now that I think about it, I'm just going to write myself in for President. I encourage all of you to do the same.

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