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I ate at Ko. I voted.

Early morning voting
7:17amI hate when I have something important to do in the morning like vote or catch a plane or go bear hunting because I will have all sorts of anxiety producing dreams that night that involve me oversleeping or something else traumatic. It’s a perfect storm situation because I end up not sleeping well *and* having to wake up early (doesn’t help that we had eaten and drunk like kings the night before (see below)).

This morning we woke up around 6:20am and strolled over to the local high school (teens!) and got our vote on. It was a good time. Lines weren’t that long and there were all sorts of neighbors there to say hello to.
My favorite memory was the little girl in the stroller who exclaimed “OBAMA!” after she and her mom left the voting booth.
The cute.

Oh yea, other people
There were other people on the ballot. I did no research on who these people were, so in one way I was a good American because I got up and voted, but in another way I was a dumb American because I didn’t know anything about all the other people I voted for.
America Fail!

Bradley Effect
I need to be honest with you, though. I suffered from the “Bradley Effect” – the sensation named after John Bradley who I was paired with on the trip to the World’s Fair in Knoxville in the early 1980’s. John was nervous around levers.

Vote & Cry
On the Facesbooks this morning, a FB friend updated her status as "just voted and cried. In that order."

Ko, mutha f*cker!
My lovely and clever wife got us reservations for that new David Chang restaurant, Momofuko Ko last night. You know… the one that opened in April and has the web based reservation system that confounds people to no end? There are only 12 seats and you sit at the bar facing the kitchen. There is no menu – they just feed you.

So, how was it?

F*cking astounding.

What I remember and adored…
The chicken liver with snail sausage thing.
The fluke and sea urchin.
The fluke by itself.
The soft boiled egg & caviar with the crunchy bits.
The shaved foie gras on top of the lychee and the Riesling gelatin (oh my).
Lamb belly (oh sweet jeebus).
These little biscuit things.
The tea and lemon sorbet.

Good golly.
I heart my wife.

We also did their wine pairing, which was a good idea as most of the wines went well with each course (except for the sea urchin and the gewurztraminer). When I do these wine pairings I need to remember to not finish every glass or else things get foggy by the end of the evening.

Check out this guy's great slideshow of dishes at Ko.
Ruth Reichl loved it.
Frank Bruni's review

Saturday Night
10:22pmI also want to give a robot shout-out to Persimmon. It’s a Korean place on 10th street.
Great space. Great menu. Super friendly and gracious staff.
They have one long communal table that sits maybe 20 people and then a small bar facing the open kitchen. We sat at the bar which was great as the chef stopped by often and was a very charming fellow.
They do a handy multi-course prix fixe menu (which is good if you want to try lots of things).
Lovely. Go. Try it.

There is nothing I like to eat at Momofuko, yet I crave the dining experience.
»pony ||  11/4/2008 ||  12:01:36 PM
I'm so jealous. Maybe we should also do the pork butt again. I considered doing that for my birthday. I miss going out to dinner. We should do more group event outings like the butt.
»stu ||  11/4/2008 ||  1:14:54 PM
yes, we should do the butt more.
»:r ||  11/4/2008 ||  1:20:12 PM
wow - snail sausage?
»lisa ||  11/4/2008 ||  3:10:39 PM
despite the high ick food factor, you leave me salivating. how do you do that?
»elananano ||  11/4/2008 ||  4:08:24 PM
if obama does one thing as president i hope it involves america embracing the prix fixe. vegetarian of course.
»klutch.xls ||  11/4/2008 ||  11:47:04 PM

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