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Happy Obama Day

When is check out time?
See, this inauguration brouhaha is all exciting and historical, but I can't stop thinking about what is happening in the White House today.
Did George and Laura sleep in the White House last night? I assume they did, right?
Are they doing a dummy check under the bed for the random shoe or sock?

I can only imagine what kind of crazy cleaning takes place while everyone is at the inauguration. They probably get a new mattress. All the sheets and towels are replaced.
Is it like some sort of reality show home makeover team that rolls in and re-does the residence?
That would be a good show. I'd watch that.

Have a good day America!


I have those same questions. I wonder if they get new dishes too?

»de ||  1/20/2009 ||  8:03:55 AM
happy obama day!
»elananano ||  1/20/2009 ||  12:35:43 PM
watching sarcastic twitter and fbook status updates.
To Bush: Hope the Door Don't Hitcha Where the Good Lord Splitcha/Some lucky village in Texas is getting back its idiot/ Wheelchair Cheney looks like Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life
»pony ||  1/20/2009 ||  1:28:32 PM
If you remember way back in 2001, the Bush team claimed that the Clinton staff did an inadequate job of cleaning the White House before they left. They also claimed that the Clintoners had vandalized the White House. The General Accounting Office spent $500,000 to investigate; they found that $15,000 in damage had been done and concluded it was normal wear and tear after 8 years of office use.
»stu ||  1/20/2009 ||  11:13:40 PM
As for Cheney, about half of the people on Twitter have compared him to Potter from It's a Wonderful Life, with the other half comparing him to Dr. Strangelove all growed up.
»stu ||  1/20/2009 ||  11:14:24 PM
I wonder about this stuff too.
»eve ||  1/21/2009 ||  4:27:34 AM
abe has awesome shoes. or are they boots?

»n8 ||  1/21/2009 ||  9:08:53 AM
apparently the clinton team removed all the 'W' keys from the computer keyboards.
»:r ||  1/21/2009 ||  10:31:40 AM
The best accusation was that the Clinton team left "Porn Bombs" around (presumably on the computer). The GAO investigated and found no evidence, but they never actually explained what the hell that meant, and where I could get one.
»stu ||  1/21/2009 ||  11:49:57 AM
»pony ||  1/21/2009 ||  12:19:15 PM

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