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Twenty-five Random Things Thing

Facebooks Memes
I don't know if any of you are on Facebook (Ha ha ha ha ha ha) but if you are, you probably have been tagged for one of the random Facebook random things meme things. Thing.
So, because I love happyrobot more than Facebook (take that Facebook!) I will share my list with you first before dumb old Facebook.

Twenty five random things about me and/or twenty five random things about me if I was a goat
1. For the past three or four years I've had to start shaving daily. I used to (when I was a toddler) not have to do that. Being that I am a goat, I always have that funny little beard thing.

2. I am the only member of my immediate family who doesn't wear glasses.

3. Sometimes people get freaked out by my wonky goat eyes when I look at them.

4. I spend all day scheming how to get into the chicken coop so that I can eat their food. It would be a chicken coop coup.

5. I am a pessimist.

6. As much as I don't like proper "sci-fi" or "fantasy" movies, I still respond like a young boy to some Star Wars related things.

7. I will totally head butt you for no good reason.

8. I spent a good bit of teenage years cycling though the mountains of NC.

9. I think I have a fear of going too fast downhill.

10. I have only ridden one roller coaster in my life.

11. It's not true that we all eat tin cans.

12. Last year I discovered the tasty stewed goat at the Puerto Rican place near my office.

13. As a child, I wanted to become a person who drank fancy, dark beers.

14. The lady goats here on the farm are all stuck up.

15. My brain devotes an awful lot of space to storing detailed memories of cringe inducing moments from my past.

16. I can undo very complicated clasps and locks with only my mouth.

17. If you drive by, you are likely to find me standing atop something.

18. I've been collecting old German Rieslings.

19. I like girls.

20. I generally avoid California wine because I am an un-american twerp.

21. My poo is pellet shaped.

22. In our neighborhood, my wife is known as "the lady that married that goat".

23. On I write reviews from the point of view of a professional stunt bike rider.

24. I am not sure if there is such thing as a "stunt bike".

25. I love water.

a goaty wine snob! you should come for dinner some time with your wonky goat eyes.
»pony ||  1/31/2009 ||  9:23:07 AM
pessimistic goat!
»eve ||  1/31/2009 ||  12:04:41 PM
eek- i hear you on the cringe moments. i have too many. for myself and others...
»lisa ||  2/1/2009 ||  10:56:23 AM
Happy Blasto Birthday. I heart you 4 ever.
»kristen ||  2/2/2009 ||  11:22:57 PM

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