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This is ten years old. Or nine. Your call.

The state of the robot
Today is the birthday of this website. I bought and launched the site on the .net domain on this day in 1999. The site had existed on a few other servers for the year before that. So, I am not really sure what the actual birthday is/should be.

I think for officialness, I'll say that this year is number nine. Holy crap. That is old in the internet pipe years.

Birthday Gifts of Note
Amongst other things, this morning I was given a pair of clever little cuff links with turtles on them.

Also, my mom sent us a box of "honeybells". Oh my. Have you had these before?
Honeybells are large bell shaped hybrids that are a cross between the super sweet Duncan Grapefruit and the delicately flavored Dancy Tangerine.

Here's a photo of the box.

Starting the new robot year off right

You might notice that something is amiss today. We are celebrating the first annual happyrobot february smackdown. Every week day a topic is presented and our robot writers take the topic and run with it.
And there is some sort of smacking down that takes place, but I am not really sure about that part.

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Thanks again for visiting the robot.

happy birthday, robot tubes.
»eve ||  2/3/2009 ||  9:54:24 AM
Happy, happy birthday, Rich!
»pony ||  2/3/2009 ||  10:15:17 AM
happy happy, honeybell! craig's granny always sends us honeybells every winter - ours come with a bib because they're freakishly juicy.
»lisa ||  2/3/2009 ||  1:28:27 PM
Happy Birthday Mr. Robot - sorry but do to these financial times you will have to settle for birthday wishes this year. Maybe next year if the economy picks up the prezzies will return.

Oh and look at that I made it - I am on a list! WOO HOO!
»k ||  2/3/2009 ||  1:58:03 PM
wow, I've never been popular before. I don't quite know how to take that.
»sunshine jen ||  2/3/2009 ||  3:39:44 PM
Happy birthday, :r. And happy birthday, Robot!

My smackdown is coming.
»chris ||  2/3/2009 ||  5:12:19 PM

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