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Things I have quit

Fishmongers club in high school
After only three meetings (misread sign and thought it was “whore mongers”)

Summer Bible School
True story. My mother sent my brother and I there one summer. We lasted less than a week and complained so much I think she realized that our complaining was worse than anything that would have been gained from attending.

Stunt bike losing
I quit losing and now only win.

Picking at it

Punching chumps

Punching chimps
You don’t ever want to punch a chimp. You’ll do that once. Like, you are sitting there drinking beer with a bunch of chimps and a chimp will do something stupid and you get all riled up and punch the chimp. You don’t want to do that.
Chimps will kick your ass. Crazy chimp style.

Kicking ass and taking names
Why do I take their names? It’s a lot of paperwork and I have never really done anything with the names. Also, these days with privacy issues and data security, do I really have their permission to keep their information? Is the kicking of the ass legally a “opt-in”?
Even if I wanted to sell these names, would anyone want to buy the names of people who had their ass kicked by me?

Shaving for a month
Once, in “college”, during a “backpacking” trip around “Europe” I didn’t shave for a month. After a month, I quickly quit quit shaving as I couldn’t grow enough fuzz on my face.
(I didn’t have a lot of lady experiences during this trip and it may be due to the patchy fuzz on my face (and not the atrocious late 80’s fashion choices))

i feel like i'm inside your non-emotional head. danke.
»kristen ||  7/9/2009 ||  1:50:41 AM

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