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Things I've owned: Bikes - Part I

I call them bikes
My very first bike was a small, red Schwinn with training wheels.
A few years later I got my first "big boy" bike - a ten-speed from Sears. It was blue and purple. Actually, it was a solid color (blue) and had stickers with faux paint effects on it so it looked like it had a cool paint job. It took me a while to ride this bike as it was much bigger than the first one.


In 1982, I requested a proper bike for Christmas. It was a silver blue Trek 412.

My parents were all like, "Sure. We'll buy you that bike, but because it's more than we'd normally pay for a single present, you have to raise some money as well". The total price was about 380$ which meant that I did odd jobs and chores for about four months before Christmas. It was crazy and I spent a lot time counting the dollars I had made and looking at the catalog and counting the days until Christmas day.
On Christmas day we went to my grandmother's house and I took the bike with me where we had unseasonably warm weather. I spent a lot of time riding my bike around. Good times.

I spent the next six or seven years riding that bike full time. Whenever I had money I upgraded parts of it and it looked pretty cool. I did some club rides and attempted some racing (my fatal flaw: I don't like going super fast downhill).
I still have this Trek. It lives at my parent's house and has a little rust on the bottom bracket.

Trivia: I spent a lot of time looking at the catalog before I got the bike. In the catalog was this lifestyle shot:

I knew that if I could get this bike, then I would be able to talk up the cute Elisabeth Shue-esque girls at the tennis courts. I also could grow a mustache

Trivia part II:
I mean, I adored my bike, but what you really wanted was the 900-series models. Twenty+ years later, those bikes still look hot.

Trivia part III: I had a few minor scrapes and crashes with it, but my best wreck was when a friend "t-boned" me (i.e. made a right hand turn into me). It was awesome. We crashed all crazy style and then I had to ride home with handlebar tape flailing in the wind and blood dripping down my arms and legs. It must have been quite a scene.

4:21pmTrivia part IV: If you were in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the 1980's, I was the dorky kid with the black Campagnolo cap and the supremely sweet Renault-Elf jersey.

Back a year ago I saw someone do a reverse t-bone on the W. Side Greenway (that is, the person in front turned to the right unexpectedly, making the person behind him t-bone him) and I can attest to the fact that watching one of those things happen is an aweinspiring sight. A+++, would watch again.
»stu ||  7/14/2009 ||  12:47:13 AM
Those Campagnolo caps were The Shit. My friend Paul, another bike enthusiast, had one growing up. When we were 11 or 12, we went on the roller coaster at the local amusement park, and it flew off his head.

He never forgave me for that. But, then again, I never made him ride the roller coaster.
»chris ||  7/14/2009 ||  1:35:10 AM
For some reason I have the sid barret song "I've got a bike/you can ride it if you like" in my head.

»pony ||  7/14/2009 ||  11:10:14 AM
yay bikes!
»lisa ||  7/14/2009 ||  11:15:39 AM

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