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Something is burning

We don’t need no water (um, no, actually water would be nice)
6:45am. My alarm had gone off and after an evening of stupid nightmare dreams involving a work field trip to my parent’s house I am standing in the bathroom. Still asleep basically.
But, I hear this off noise. It seems so familiar. My brain is slow, but I realize that it is the sound of wood burning. Like in a fire place.
I look out the kitchen window expecting to see one of my idiot neighbors burning trash or something in the breezeway. I see nothing.

I return to bed and mention it to Mrs. Robot and then I look out the bedroom window.
“Hey lover.. the building behind us is on fire”

Your Roof is on Fire

The building seems fine. The fire department was here pretty quick. The fire seemed to have just damaged the large, well furnished roof deck.
Many Adirondack chairs lost their life this morning.

Kustom Kicks
As I mentioned on Robot Filter a while ago, I recently discovered that Converse allows you design your own Chuck Taylors or Jack Purcell shoes. You can play with all sorts of combinations of colors and prints… Since I am so nutso, I went with all brown.
With an orange stripe on the end. And the word “feets” stitched on the side.

Here comes Chicago
I’ve seen Chicago from way up in the air (when navigating my stunt plane) but I’ve never actually been there. Mrs. Robot, on the other hand, has been there many times. In fact, she once got a speeding ticket there that was a big mess.
Nonetheless, apart from the draconian speed laws, she likes that town and would like me to go see it as well.
We have plane tickets bought and hotels reserved. I made a reservation for dinner at Topolobampo and reserved a spot on the tour at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House (one of my faves). Other than that, we have nothing planned. Except for making out… Chicago style.

Any other Chicago ideas?

Hotel Bar Club
We’ve been going to the monthly meetings of Hotel Bar Club that some swell people we know organize. Its great fun: you go to a hotel bar and have drinks. They actually have someone who takes ‘minutes’ and photographs everyone. They do research about the hotel and stuff.
It’s dorky fun.
The reason I mention it is that I think everyone should start their own version.

Robot Recipe Corner!

Homemade Tacos
6:50pmI like my tacos. This is how I do them.
Tortillas – either make them with our bag of masa and our press *or* purchase theses flour ones from the funny Italian deli that are imported from… North Carolina.
If store bought, they get wrapped in foil and stuck in a warm oven.
Meat – Shrimp or marinated skirt steak.
Is it skirt steak? Or flank steak? I always get those confused. Whichever one is the one that has to be marinated.


Avocado smushed up and mixed with salsa verde (kind of a quick way to do the popular tomatillo guacamole).

Little greens on top.

Cheese: Crumbly queso fresco (not crumbly in photo)

RIP Adirondack chairs.
»eve ||  8/21/2009 ||  12:20:25 PM
whoah, great action fire photo!

were you wearing your new sneakers when you shot it?
»j ||  8/21/2009 ||  1:46:13 PM
Thank you for showing your love through your sneakers.
»cleveland browns ||  8/21/2009 ||  1:46:41 PM
when i think of cool chucks i think of you!
»lisa ||  8/21/2009 ||  7:00:27 PM
It's not love
It's not love
Which is my face...
»chris ||  8/21/2009 ||  7:12:19 PM
Chicago: go see some improv, we liked Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind in the Andersonville neighborhood. good times! And the Museum of Contemporary Art an the Art Institute, and on and on...
»bec ||  8/22/2009 ||  12:36:38 AM

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