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It's January already?

Week Off
Between Christmas (aka War-on-Christmas Day) and New Years (aka amateur night) I took off from work and stayed home and decided that (#1) we had too many cookbooks and (#2) we don’t use the cookbooks that often. So that week was “eat at home” week which was fine because Mrs. Robot was sneezy and the weather was horrendously chilly.
My favorite dish I made was the Sopa Tortilla from the Mark Bittman book ‘Best Recipes in the World’. Warm, spicy, crunchy, creamy, filling… we enjoyed it. Another night we did Cornish hens (bathed in butter) and smashed sweet potatoes. 8:35pmSunday we did Chicken Bastilla – something we had last year that I adored. Not only is it the perfect winter dish, it also contains a ton of butter and phyllo dough.

New Years Resolutions
Be quiet.
Cook more things I haven’t cooked before.
Do the wine-a-month thing again.

Warm Weather

2:14pmDo you remember warm weather? My bike sits in the corner and hasn’t been ridden since a freak warm day right before thanksgiving. I miss riding around and have tried in the past to do the winter riding thing. I still have a pair of 80’s-era winter riding gloves in my box of ‘winter clothes for when we move to the Artic Circle” and used to have a long-sleeved wool jersey and wool tights. I am sure I looked handsome.

Snot doesn’t like me. When I exercise in the cold, my nose runs and it all ends up in my chest and I feel like crap for a day or two afterwards. It always happens this way. I’ve never been able to really exercise in the cold.
Does this happen to you?

BTW, anyone know where you can get a bike frame painted? My bike is all swell, but the frame has these absurdly stupid decal things on it. I’d like to paint it something solid.

Krazy Kat
Filed under FML, our Cancer Cat of course still has the cancer. She’s also 17. Right before Christmas Cancer Cat got herself some sort upper respiratory infection – aka she had a cold.

This is the great thing about a cat with a cold:
1. Cats with colds need to eat to help fight the virus or whatever it is.
2. Cats only eat things they can smell.
3. Cats can’t smell when they have colds.
4. GOTO 1

In addition to cooking and eating food as mentioned above, we spent the week between Christmas (aka Holiday Season Day) taking her to the vet and then trying to get her to eat. Many cans of food were served in various dishes at various temperatures in various rooms to no avail. What she has started eating is sliced turkey from the butcher shop and turkey baby food (the real basic stuff (without onion)).
Last week I spent a good deal of time on all fours (awww yea happy new year!) following her around trying to get her to eat pieces of turkey. Oh, did I mention she now only eats if you hand feed her?

Blogging about my cat! Great start to 2010.

If you wind up deciding not to bike in the winter, I'll take those winter biking gloves off your hands.

Heh. See what I did there?

I'm trying to bike in the winter more, since the bus to my girlfriend's place is about as reliable as a third world country's transportation, and it's a 10 minute bike ride. I just need warmer clothing.

So sorry about your cat. It's good training for children.
»stu ||  1/6/2010 ||  2:18:22 PM
I want to make Sopa Tortilla. Yummers.
»lisa ||  1/6/2010 ||  6:54:52 PM
mmmm chicken bastilla. I saved a recipe for that at one point but haven't tried to make it. Perhaps now is a good time...
»eve ||  1/7/2010 ||  8:29:07 AM
chicken bastilla is just crazy. flaky. buttery. savory. chicken-y. sweet. Aiyyeeee!
»:r ||  1/7/2010 ||  10:46:42 AM
Chris made this one year and it was THE BOMB. I want to make me that sopa tortilla. Send me the recipe, please?
»pony ||  1/7/2010 ||  11:03:01 AM

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