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Happy War-on-Christmas Holidays

Happy 2009 Holidays

Speaking of the "Christmas"

Christmas Day is all nice and well and stuff, but really it's all about Christmas Eve - at least in our family. It's where all the traditions are.
As I may have mentioned in my last post, my parents and their friends started our Christmas Eve dinner tradition in the late 1960's. My parents and two other couples gathered for dinner on Christmas Eve and ate a large tradtional meal together which featured a huge roast and Yorkshire pudding and gravy. For dessert they would have something equally old school like treacle sponge pudding.
They did this every year and then the stupid kids (like myself) started being born and they had to set up a kids table in the living room (between the tree and the fireplace). Then the kids got taller and needed a bigger table. Then the kids brought spouses and then the kids had kids and there had to be a second kids table.

I wish someone would have thought to take a group photo each year so we could watch fashions change and children and golden retrievers grow.

We haven't done this dinner in the past two years due to various issues (robot attacks). Sadly.

When I look back on past holiday seasons, it's always about Christmas Eve. The next day is fun, but at least in our family, once the gifts are opened and all the apple crumb pasty thing is eaten we usually end up just sitting around. Bored-ish. Or having to travel to visit some other relative. Or something. It's all over by noon.

I like Christmas Eve. That is where it's at.

yowsers! I love love love it. Totally agree about the Eve... all that potential energy and then... the 26th.
»kristen ||  12/23/2009 ||  10:50:40 AM
awesome hair!
»j ||  12/23/2009 ||  1:47:30 PM

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