Birthdays are fun
I am lucky to have friendly friends. Here is a photo review of my birthday so far.

Taped to my monitor this morning
I don't know who left this. My theory is that it is from the cleaning ladies. If that is true, then that is super precious.

It snowed this morning. It snowed on my actual birthday as well. That was the one where my father ran a stop light for his first and last time (lawbreaker!) when they were racing to get to the hospital.
Interestingly, they lived only three blocks away.

Mrs. Robot (with the help of the folks at Frankly Wines) gave me a bottle of wine for my birthday. Birth year! Yes, I am very very old.

Lunch at Tia Pol

12:25pmMy good pal Trish hosted a lovely lunch at Tia Pol yesterday in honor of my oldness.
They do squid there. Holy moly it is good.
Also, deviled eggs. And many bottles of wine.

Oh, and our cat is still alive and kicking. We have a pet-sitter lined up to take care of her while we are out of town and we have a really good feeling about her. She's a vet technician and works around the corner from our apartment. Here's a photo of the cat (don't have one of the cat-sitter).

Weekend Tunnel
On Sunday we met up with our pal Patrick (who happens to be related to our pal Trish (mentioned above) ) and went on the tour of that crazy abandoned subway tunnel under Atlantic Avenue.
Crazy! Delicious bloody marys followed.
The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel

Saturday Night Dinner
Mrs. Robot put together a dinner with some folks on Saturday. What a grand time.

There were lots of great gifts, including another 'birth year' wine. This one a Port. Can't wait to crack this open.
1970 Port

Next stop: Mexico!

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