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Mike y Erin get married

happyrobot version 9 coming soon!

Parking near the dance floor
nearly hit by a car on the way to work this morning. actually kinda wacky the more i think about it. this woman just runs a light. cars in the intersection all have to swerve, and she just barrels through the intersection, missing me by 5 feet. idiot.
she was on her cell phone and looked really lost and frantic... meaning that she was a lost and frantic idiot.

there should be a list of people who shouldn't be allowed to drive. and while we are on lists, there should be one of people who shouldn't be allowed to have children.

the "shouldn't be allowed to drive list" people could drive, but they would have to drive really small cars, that would have big, soft bumpers. maybe the whole car could be covered in stuffed animal / plush toy material. i think it should be pink, too.

Then, there's babies
about the 'people who shouldn't be allowed to have children list', the nice thing about getting older (i am not really old, just older than i used to be) is that when people tell you they are pregnant, you don't think "that's a bad idea". i am just noticing this, and it may be because of the people i know, but in the last year it seems like a lot of nice/cool people are having kids... which means their announcement is now an actual good thing, and not "why in the world did you do that?"
does that make sense?
did i just piss off my pals who have kids?
do you want to see a picture of my cat?

Gurkhas? learn something new everyday.

this may be the most handsome dog i have seen today

Mike y Erin love one another
we went to this wedding this past weekend (what is it with people getting married all the time?) and reserved this cheapo room at the Days Inn somewhere in Connecticut. we get there, and open the door, and before us is a huge bed. in the back corner of the room, on a platform, surrounded by mirrors, is a heart shaped hot-tub.
the wedding was for my old roommate Mike, and his lovely wife Erin. i have to state for the record that i think their wedding may of been the best ever.

btw, mike and erin are parents of bean the cat, the crazy crosseyed cat mike found at an animal rescue place. Bean had been abandoned and left in a dumpster i think is how the story went... i suspect her frightening history is why she was a super clingy cat that almost drove me crazy. literally.
understand that i love cats and dogs, and have a history of being a good cat owner myself... but, boy o boy. it was tough to live with that cat sometimes.
poor bean. so sweet and crazy.
mike and erin got another cat named Frank (get it? frank+beans. huh huh), who is now best friends with bean. bean seems very well adjusted now that she has another cat to live with.

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