Viva Jeff y Claire
Dude. Jeff. You are so cool.
So, my pal Jeff tells me he is proposing to his uber-nice girlfriend at Winnies, a karaoke bar in china town. Their karaoke song is 'You don't bring me flowers', and so they sing that, and then right after his brother slips him the ring, he drops to his knee and proposes. We have all of this on video, which I am converting to MPG as you are reading this (I bet).
Her reaction is classic.
The other bar patrons don't realize what is going on for a few seconds, and then a huge wave of cheering and clapping erupts.

Great location - great kids - great love.
And the best thing is that they will be married in England (she's one of them brits) so we will get to attend a fun wedding abroad. Wooo!

Dude. I raise my imaginary glass to you.
May you have a kick-ass life together.

Brian Huskey: Funny Man
You gotta watch this. It's a big file, but most of you these days on all fast machines. Triumph the insult dog from Conan, insulting Star Wars fans who were waiting in line - in costume.
Our friend Brian is 'Mr Spock' at the end.

Mrs Robot Says
In my experience Arabs don't hate Americans. They just want to kiss us.

Joe Queenan
King smart ass - new article: Punctuation for People with Big Cocks

Aw kitty

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i love the frontline death of robot mail, but birth of nyc bloggers and burlee sucks

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