NYC Bloggers!
Wooo. Liz finished the new NYC Bloggers site, and it is uber-cool. Quite a nice piece of work she, WWMJD and Ishbadiddle did together.
They even got a mention in Slate Magazine - kewl!

Happyrobot mail
Dude, the days are numbered. Not that I mind paying for it for this month, but now their mail servers aren't working - shits bouncing. BigMailBox is on my list now (you know, that list).

Email from our dear friend Scott about his toddler son...
His nuts recently commenced the lowering from his person, as I noticed in the bath last night when i said "c'mere boy" and grabbed a hold of his nutsack. "Your balls have arrived!" to which he screamed with glee "I have a little bit of balls!" And then of course "What do my balls do?"

And I reminded him of our talk about bees and pollen and plants told him his balls made people pollen.
And he said "Ah, so they help me make a baby".

Isn't that a happy story? It's got attentive parents, nutgrabbing, and precocious younguns - in a coming-of-age story about a man and his balls. Carry on.

Needs Balls
Now, our friend Linda isn't so lucky. Her little puppy hasn't got his balls yet. His balls are apparently still up there, doing what ever they do. And, he's one of them full-breed, registered dogs that she wants to show and breed and stuff, but without his balls, no go.
Hi future rests in his balls.
So, I want everyone to pray for Linda's dog's balls.

Movie of the love
I have a dark MPG movie of my friend Jeff's proposal to his girlfriend. Damn kids in love!
also, photo. note his pockets...

Get his hat!
Did you see that? Looks like Lawton may be back for a while! Awesome.

Burlee Is past due for brains
Oh boy. I have this one stupid site, which I hate and is a thorn in my side and I would love to just shut down and forget about, but that's another story. The hosting company of this stupid site is, which apparently forgot to charge me for the past two years. How did I not notice that? Well, I have a lot of my freelance projects hosted there, so there are always billing things coming in and out from Burlee.
Apparently, the billing department at Burlee just forgot to charge me. Nice! What kind of billing department forgets to charge their customers?
Now, it pisses me off that they are so un-organized and the also fact that I have a lot of money and work tied up in their business already. I want to transfer my domain somewhere else now - I need a new home, but they are forcing me to pay the full price for the 2002-2003 year, and not switch to the monthly payment plan (where I could then easily cancel it and move to another cheapo hosting company). They told me that I couldn't change my plan because my account was 'past due'. Um, past due? You have my f*cking credit card number. You forgot to charge it - retard.
UGH. This is so stupid.
Oh, here is what they sent me...
Dear Customer:

As your Web site and email host, we are sending you this notice in reference to your account. In reviewing the billing history for your account, we note that we have not received payment since 2/23/00. As such, your account has the following outstanding balance:

$155.40/year * 2 years
Total Due: $310.80

Your account is now past due. In order to keep your Web site and email up and running, we will charge the credit card on record for your account if we do not hear back from you within 5 days.

The Worlds Smallest Website

Kitty with Donut on head

Have you seen the new citysearch? Good golly it's blah looking. And, as a friend of ours pointed out, they now show all results sorted by 'advertiser'.
Nice. And with the pop-ups, it's great.

Gimmie that cookie
Could Max be a cuter kid? Geez, Scott, what do you feed him? Cute pie or something? Parents of girls born between the year 1998 and 2002 and living in the triad / North Carolina area, watch out for this kid in 15 years or so.
Now, our pal Derek's kid is uber cute, too. If they combined powers, they could rule the school yard.

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