NYCBloggers Kicking Ass
Amazing. I can't believe how much press these nice kids have gotten. Mike, Liz, and Matt have done a kick-ass job. I mean, look at the site - it's just too cool - Liz did a fan-tab-u-lous job with the map, and Matt's backend code appears to work amazingly well (he says this is his best written code to date). And Mike apparently did an outstanding job on getting the word out - they were number 1 on google and blog-dex the day they launched it.

Matt pointed out that this one site has done way better than any of the dot-coms he has worked for in terms of hits. He just IM'd me with their stats for the first week, and they had 250,000 individual users the first damn week.
Pretty good for three people and no budget.

The Cool Chat Thing
Eating dinner with WWMJD, and we are talking about those cool Tag-Board things. I mentioned to him that one of us should build our own - it can't be hard to do.
So, I did. In about 30 minutes.
Friday we had lots of fun testing it out - lots of the regulars were on and chatting, and I ended up 'meeting' a few people through it too. I am totally stoked.
To make this thing even easier to use, I have added a little pop-up module for it, so you can keep the chat thing open by itself.

We walked all over Park Slope today, and I think I got a bit of a sunburn on my neck and arms. Mrs. Robot found $4 laying on the ground, so we called Matt as we were walking back across the Gowanus canal bridge and told him to get his shoes on and to meet us for beers at Robin DuBois/Sherwood Forest.
Now, this has been one of our favorite neighborhood places - good service, tasty eats, good drinks, lots of kooky used furniture and stuff. Now they have a garden, and this afternoon it was packed, which was fine and all. But I just wanted to remind everyone that TimeOut NY said that Manhattan was the new Brooklyn, and I am sure there are some really great places in the 212 to hang out in. I am sure of it. I think I have been to a few.

By the way, the weather here in NYC the past few days has almost been perfect. Breezy, warm, sunny and then cools down at night. Give me 364 more days of this and I will be a content and happy boy.

Oh, and doggies everywhere. Our doggie-biological-clock was in full overdrive today. Doggie!
Speaking of, we stumbled across this fun little shop in ParkSlope- Albert and Piccolo. Their whole store's design is based around their two dogs (the stored is named after them) and they carry lots of fun t-shirts and bags and underwear all featuring the dogs, and other dogs, and other kewl-o things for the ladies.

Why I hate Flash (for some things)
Flash is pretty cool. I mean, it's the perfect way to make cool little blinky, moving things, and animations and little games. Flash is also generally very small, filesize wise, which is handy, too.
Where I don't like Flash is when people do a whole site with it - especially if there is some sort of written content.
Case in point, the Brendon Benson site. Maybe it's my browser, but click on his BIOGRAPHY. Can you read that shit? The rest of the site is nice, but the text... ugh.
My other favorite thing is online catalogs done in flash... those always feature that handy 'it's flash, so you can't really send someone a link to the product' feature.
Love it.

Tired of not being able to punch tigers at will?

Phantom corn bread
I made corn bread last night. I make it with a glob of honey and a spoon or two of real corn niblet things. And it was pretty good - the wife gave it thumbs up. But today, I smell corn bread baking. It's really weird. Maybe someone in our building is making it.

A note about our building. When we moved in, we were one of the few smart ass white kids in the building. But slowly our hood became hip and slowly more and more crackers are moving in. There were a lot of old ladies in this building, and they are slowly dieing off. The one across the hall died. Upstairs another one died. The rest don't look so good.
So, this place could be haunted with little old ladies - and it's more than possible that they are making delicious phantom cornbread. Come over, and you can smell it, too.

Airport 5
That's that Robert Pollard project right? I forget who makes this one up, but they all sound way too similar.
If my winamp plays the 'Natives Approach our Plane' song again, I am throwing the WinAmp out the window.

happy birthday Carlos!

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