5 questions for November 14th

1. What makes you cringe?

2. Glass: is it half full or half empty? And if it's half full, what is it half full of? If it's half empty, was it good?
Do you need me to top it off for you?

3. Are you registered to vote?

4. If you could be George Bush for an hour, what fun hijinks would you get George into?

5. Is there anything more annoying than politicians running for office? If so, tell me.

(OK, robot party people - if you like, answer these questions for Friday)
(When done, turn your papers over)
(If you are aren't a part of the robot, feel free to post your URL in the comments section tomorrow when people post theirs)

In other news..

Things I like. Some things I don't like.

LIKE: The guy who is nervous about Billy Bragg being a socialist and influencing our children and writes reviews on Amazon:

Talking With The Taxman About Poetry ~ Billy Bragg
..."Power in a Union," wherein Bragg sings about his love for Organized Labor and distrust of corporations. I believe that the album is dangerous because children or impressionable people could hear it and become socialists. It's a shame because the songs that are good are really excellent.

Back to Basics ~ Billy Bragg
...Some of the songs on the CD are worth hearing, but others are hard to understand (as mentioned in a previous review, Bragg has a very thick English accent). Some songs have a socialist slant, so parents will probably want to keep this from their children

LIKE: BBC's The Office
This, my friends, is the best show. It's comedy gold with all its cringe inducing situations. The lead fellow is just perfect as that annoying middle management guy that we all can't stand and have worked with at least once in our lives.

DISLIKE: Jeebus-mas holiday season stuff
Man oh man. Not to be sacrilege, but let's all admit it now and get it over with: Christmas has lost all religious connotations and is now just a holiday that helps keep stupid little specialty gift shops stay in business.

DISLIKE: News media coming in late on a trend.
Why are they discussing the new trend of blogs on the radio right now? Blogs hit their peak already like a year ago or more - in fact yesterday I was reading an article about all the dead blogs that litter the web now.
Oh, right, I was supposed to call them "blahs".

LIKE: Cornish hens
Yum. I cooked a Cornish hen the other night for dinner. Hello Yum! Granted, the smoke alarm went off three times and I can't get the smell of rosemary out of the apartment - but it was quite tasty and we didn't get salmonella and the cat about loves my ass now because she ate her weight in hen.

LIKE: Miami
We are headed to Miami next week for half-business / half-pleasure. I am so stoked because it's chilly here in NYC and I get to walk on the beach and get sand in my clothes.

DISLIKE: Outsourcing

LIKE: Belle and Sebastian at Town Hall
Lord, what a show. To be honest, there were obvious technical issues with the 'mix'. Certain instruments were a bit too loud or shrill, but they made up for it in spades. It was a lovely set from a band that just comes off as being some of the nicest and cleverest people you have ever met.
Town Hall, of course, is also just a great venue (apart from the uncomfortable seats) and the band brought a great lighting system that was just the icing on the B&S cake.

I guess to be in the NYC blog club with all the cool blog kids, I need to talk about Paris Hilton.
Sex Tape! Sex Tape! Sex Tape!
Paris! Paris!
New York Magazine!

Whew. There you go.

Speaking of...

I read Gawker often and they seem to love to discuss this stupid someone's buying and/or selling New York Magazine story.
Am I missing something?
When did that magazine become conversation worthy?
I must totally be missing something.

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