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Answers for 5 Questions

5 questions for November 14th

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off the robot (but on the robot)
HouseArrest: 5 questions for November 14th

Liz, from HouseArrest turned around and asked her own five to make this even more... meta?
1. are you a top or a bottom?
("topish" sounds like something sexual to do with Ish)

2. your most embarrassing moment in grade school was...
Every moment. Once I sneezed and got snot all over myself. Every moment was embarrassing in hindsight.

3. what was your silliest nickname?
Ooooo. No idea. Not sure I ever had one (and "dork" isn't really silly)

4. if you could have any animal in the world as a pet, which would you choose?
I mean, we'd all want a tiger or elephant or something, but realistically that wouldn't work.
Can the animal not be with us anymore? Cuz then I'd take tabby the cat.

5. penguins. love or hate? why?
They're funny - I can't really hate them. They have never done anything bad to me.

My 5 answers
for 5 questions
for November 14th

1. What makes you cringe?
Maybe I should of worded this as "what doesn't make you cringe" because that list would be a lot shorter.
The last time I cringed was at this party thing where they had this woman walking around the room singing real sexy like. It was a work related, and I don't think anyone was feeling especially sexy at the time, and I cringed so much at what a stupid idea it was to have this woman strolling around breathlessly singing that sweat actually formed on my brow.

2. Glass: is it half full or half empty? And if it's half full, what is it half full of? If it's half empty, was it good?
Do you need me to top it off for you?

I'd say half empty. I guess I am seeing the space where the drink used to be and focusing on the negative space.
That makes me a bad person I suppose.
I don't really need to top it off, being that my alcohol consumption is slowly dropping off in proportion to my age.
What would I be drinking? Something brown. I used to drink my weight in bourbon, but have slowly moved to scotch, especially those nutty single malts (and more precisely, the sherry casked ones).

3. Are you registered to vote?
I am, but not in NY State, so I realistically I am not registered.
The last time I voted was 1996 - which I did right after a wine tasting. Fun times.

4. If you could be George Bush for an hour, what fun hijinks would you get George into?
Sorry, but I am going to avoid the more proper ideas like "pass laws to save whales" in lieu of ideas like:

Call a press conference...
that press guy: Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United states
(press people stand)
GWB: thank you for coming on such a short notice. Please be seated.
*clears throat*
I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waste
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung, wanna pull up tough
'Cause you notice that butt was stuffed...

I'd be wearing a happyrobot/danny chambers shirt, btw.

Then I might go jogging nude around the grounds of the white house and wave to the tourists.
Maybe I'd paint "GORE 2000" on my chest.

OK, before the hour was up, I'd try to pass some sort of universal health care law.

5. Is there anything more annoying than politicians running for office? If so, tell me.
Well, being that I wrote this question, I pretty much think politicians are the most annoying, most insincere, maddingly sleazy people out there.

Nate's 5 answers

What makes you cringe?
clowns and mimes

Glass: is it half full or half empty? And if it's half full, what is it half full of? If it's half empty, was it good?
Do you need me to top it off for you?

half full of half and half, more please...i love me some animal fat

Are you registered to vote?
yes, for what it's worth

If you could be George Bush for an hour, what fun hijinks would you get George into?
I like lisa's answer. i was thinking of having my (gwb) forehead tatooed with "I love Dick"

Is there anything more annoying than politicians running for office? If so, tell me.
being lectured by your mother about gas

Five answers:
1) What makes me cringe? Mispronunciation and words like athleticism and that stupid phrase I could care less. No you couldn't.
2) my hands are cupped and I'm lapping it up as fast as I can. Generally something brown. Coffee, Coke, Beer. As far as you topping it off, nah, I'm ok. You just sit down and relax. If I need anything I know where the kitchen is.

3) I believe I am registered to vote in New York City. Funny.

4)George doesn't need any more fun hijinks sine that's how he spends all the fricken time. Maybe I'd get him dropped off in the middle of nowhere with new breast implants and a cock-ectomy.

5) a dog barking intermittently at 3 am? I have very little exposure to politicians and the media.
»eve ||  11/14/2003 ||  2:39:41 PM
the additional 5.
1) I am a bottom. A stable solid foundation.
2) It would have to say it was the 6th grade when I got my period and was wearing white pants. i was crying and my cool teacher (she was from Hawaii!) was trying to get me to tell her what was wrong. And just as I was about to tell her she got frustrated and walked away. I have always regretted holding out for too long to tell her. I would've been frustrated with me too.
3) My silliest nickname by far was Boom Boom. it's not what you think.
4) ooh animals...charismatic a sperm whale. .
5)penguins... I am currently in a co-dependent relationship with a penguin.
»eve ||  11/14/2003 ||  3:03:13 PM

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