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The Many Days Late Internet Meme Eight Random Things Halloween Version

The Many Days Late Internet Meme Eight Random Things Halloween Version
1. How soon until the internet is haunted?

2. When Halloween arrives, they always crank up the "Keep your children safe" thing. But when I think back on my very active trick or treating as a kid, I didn't know anyone who ever was given razor-blade apples or was stabbed by a werewolf sex predator. No one. Did you?
When the cops do that "x-ray your candy" thing, do they actually find anything?

I once got hit by a egg.

3. The troublesome little girls in our building shot off "bag bombs" the other night. I am not sure what "bag bombs" are, but they aren't very loud and don't really do much. I am sure they thought, in their little demon 8yr old minds, that they were being bad asses.

4. Did I tell you the story about the time I was driving by myself through the country late one night and I saw Stu walking down the road? I stopped and picked him up.
He was dressed up and told me that he was headed to a formal dance. A few miles later I had to stop for some gas and when I got back to the car, he was gone - except he left the corsage he had been carrying.
Being that I am somewhat nice and that Stu's family oddly lived down the road, I drove to their house to at least drop off the corsage.

Stu's mom answered the door. I told her I just picked Stu up and he was going to a dance and he left the corsage in my car.
She gasped.
"Stu was invited to a dance!!?!"

5. I've spoken before about the fine folks at the coffee place near my work. The ones I want to marry. Today, they are all dressed as mexican wrestlers. It's like CuteOverload in real life.

6. Did I tell you the story about the scary bridge in my hometown? You park your car under it and say, "Judy" three times. If conditions are right, your wife will dope slap you and get mad because you are always talking about Judy - that girl at work.

7. If it wasn't for Halloween, would we ever eat candy corn?

8. If you haven't been hanging around happyrobot since it's beginning in 1953 (that was WEB 0.0000003) you may have missed the Olive Newton tape. It's on here somewhere. Oh, there it is.
It's a great prank call (not really very "prankish") and features the great line, "You gotta speak up - I've got candy corn in my ear".

Now, per Liz I have to "tag" someone to do 8 random things but I am just realizing that I don't seem to know anyone who blogs. Except for the people on the robot.

Can I tag someone here?

EDIT: Please remind me to not try and write things while at work. Apparently verb tense and any sort of coherence doesn't exist in my work-brain.
I've had to go through this damn post a dozen times and clean things up.
Stupid work-brain.

the stu story is great. and so true.

i don't know if i even can think of 8 random things about myself. i'll try!
»lisa ||  10/31/2007 ||  2:52:22 PM
Back in the days before i wrote here and only harassed Rich on AIM because I thought he was an AIMbot, Olive Newton was one of the first things I found here. It made me laugh. And laugh.

Not as much as Stu's dancing makes me laugh, but hey. That's tough to do.
»chris ||  10/31/2007 ||  9:13:02 PM
And I think I mentioned that to Rich the first time I met him, and he said something like "Oh... yeah. I have no idea what you're talking about."
»chris ||  10/31/2007 ||  9:13:50 PM
I think bag bombs smell really bad. I see broken ones all over my neighborhood. They should really be called Fart Bombs
»k ||  10/31/2007 ||  11:09:07 PM
I KNEW I should have tagged Lisa! The Stu story made me laugh!

Oh, and I could eat candy corn. Year round. 24/7.

»liz ||  url || 11/1/2007 ||  12:13:55 AM
olive newton is the origin of HOSO: word.
»old school sistah ||  11/1/2007 ||  2:36:48 PM
Thanks, Rich. I was grounded for a month after that.
»stu ||  11/1/2007 ||  3:24:27 PM
Sometimes I forget how funny you are, and then I remember, and I wish you lived close by.
»pony ||  11/1/2007 ||  5:41:34 PM

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