That thing I borrowed. Never returned.
Is it an age thing, or do you stop borrowing things at a certain age? I feel like my poor early twenties contained a good bit of borrowing and mostly returning.
I borrowed my pal Jeff's Nikon FG20 camera for my first photography class. I returned it and later bought the same model used years later because I had such fond memories of it.

I borrowed a video camera for a long time. Returned it.

I borrowed that Stephen Hawking book from a friend of Mrs. Robot's and I think it was only returned to her last year. I think. I remember a conversation about it. The ironic/pathetic aspect was that I borrowed it yet never read it. Stupid.

For a few months, a college chum let me borrow his car so that I could drive to the radio station to do my 1am-4am shift. There was the other college chum who let me borrow his car and during a hurricane I found myself a bit stranded with it and lady friend and there was making out. I also drove it once to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show (cringe) along with something like 10 people shoved in it - most of them stoned.
"Dude, we fit something like 10 people in your car!"

Fear of forgetting
While writing this, I had this fear that someone would read it and leave a comment like, "You dick. You borrowed my [name of fancy item] in college and you never returned it!" I fear that I have forgotten to return something.

Have I loaned anyone anything recently? I don't think so. There again I have a fear that I have and I have forgotten it.
(Oh... I did loan Raq my Nickelodeon Photoblaster! Hope she still has it!)

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the perils of parents and computers aka ipads might be good for moms. happyrobot is eleven? birthdays are fun.

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