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Moonday, december 20, 2004

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I am enraged. I am incensed. It is about hair. However, it is 7am, and I can't really freak out too much.

Hostile, repressed raged mark cut my hair last night at my request.

Now I look like the little match girl, and I let mark have it. High court convened.

It was rather good I thought that I would even bother having those feelings the day that I felt an actual (or was it natural?) emotion, I'd probably jump right into the ocean.

He crumpled. He hopped on the cross and blood did as was it's wont.

I was rather removed from it at that point, and retracted much of my testimony.

I'm trying to think of it as cute and sophisticated. Modern. Cute is an unfortunate best case scenario; however,...

Back t'apathy...

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