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Friday, january 28th, 2005

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Wow, karen's last day at the film commission. I just called her... the end of an era my friends. change is in the air. Nice winter change.

I'm grabbing a bit of morning to study, listen to the rain/ipod, and drink coffee and get faded and wise.

Well that's the goal.

i'm thinking of writing a book with 'the princesses of both ireland and iceland are legeandary for their elf bloodlines. They are truly beautiful. He has royal bloodlines through his mother of irish ancestory. It intrigued me that irish people could have a pure bloodline.

Irish is so normal to me. That was one thing very true and beautiful about margaret mitchell (she too was a scorpio btw)'s portrayal of the south. Almost everyone is of irish ancestory... with french for the truly beautiful - from savannah.

It was intriuguing that there could be a pure trait. It has piqued the ole genetic fascination in me. I'm a bit of a breeder. I like a bit of isolationism. Do what you do best. Do it humanely with integrity.

Oh the irish poets.

This made me think how fascinating it would be to have a child with an irishman with royal bloodlines. I love irish men. I have such luck with meeting them. They always satisfy an emotional need in me.

I love red-headed men. Rather, I am attracted to this trait. I'm and drawn to red-heads in general.

Natural is so much better.

In fact, it would be the only way I would get involved with those men.

I am fascinated with being worshipped and adored.

It makes me so magnanimus.

That is what I miss about being married. I have been with my husband for 8 years. We were at our best before marriage.

marriage is strange, but you can't get health insurance without it.

Tori amos seems a lot like me. I'm not sure if she's a scorpio, but i don't think so.

bjork is.

Anyway, icelandic princesesses, sorcery, irish bloodlines, and neptune are on my mind today.

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