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Daddy addendum

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Things I forgot to tell you that I wanted you to know about my father:

1. We all: billy at 43, meri at 42, and myself at 33... call him "daddy".

2. When his brother jean died of leukemia, gladys - the mother - said to my father "i wish it had been you."

3. He hated tv and radio. When we would go on road trips, we would have to sing or he would tell us stories about an indian princess named something like awahhoolipolly.

4. when I was born, he told my mother that at least now we have a pretty one (I had blond curly hair as a child).

5. I am named after my father's mistress at the time. He chose Leigh as my middle name.

6. Neither he nor uncle bobby got a dime from my grandfather's estate. It all went to the nurse he married who had taken care of grandmother martin during her alzheimer's fight.

Stories I'm telling you.

This is very good for me to tell you. I thank you oh black hole.

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