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You must know this about me.

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I hurt everyone who comes within a yard's breath of me.

You start to trust me, and I will tell everyone your darkest weakness.

I will broadcast your whisper from the ionosphere.

I will tell pluto who you are sleeping with.

No one will love me for this. No one will thank me for this.

I show up on your doorstep bereft and lonely.

You will sigh and ache at the discomfort I will soon cause you.

I will laugh too loud. I will take it always just too far.

I will claim that I am honest and that you should love me for this honesty.

I will tell you that I give you a billion times more than the pittance you give me.

I will tell you that I am special and that you just don't appreciate the everything I represent.

I will imply that you are stupid to harbor even the slightest doubt that i am a a fraud to be pitied.

I will be frightened of your entrance into my innermost sanctum, and I will tell you you are wrong to judge me and that I am just being

forthright. I am being honest when all the others lie to you.

I will tell you I know of paul westerburg, and tori and j. mascis and that dylan song and p.j. and hal and li bo and buddha.

I will then tell you I know nothing when you call me on anything.

I will cry when you tell me that I stir you the wrong way.
I will rend my hairshirt and tear out my head hair.

It will verily kill me that I have hurt you.

You will sigh at my dramatics and call me a fool in your head and stroke my furthest put out tentacle.

You will distance me and you will think that you are among the many - the many who have fallen for my shit to just realize that I'm the wizard with a man and a rope behind him.

You will think I am nothing and that you were fooled.

And you were.

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