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So, there is this cement thing that has "Tim" surrounded by a heart. I see it every time I take that route to the post office. It makes me smile. Usually it reminds me of Tim!, but today - I also thought of another Tim.

Tims I've known.

I've known three Tims, and they were all quite distinctive. My first Tim was Tim from fourth - 8th grade. He was interesting. He would get boners a bunch, and Marti would always point it out. We had a secret code (a rising thumbs-up sign). Tim wore sweatpants - which was probably a bit indiscreet. When I was working in Rich's (that suicidal summer post-college/pre-wilmington) at Northpoint Mall in Roswell, GA - I ran into Tim. He had joined the military. It was all quite interesting - and I got his number - but never called.

The Tim that I thought of today was dumpy Tim.

He was the most trashy person I've ever kissed. His mouth tasted like rotten beer and smoked cigarettes. We met as lonely, sad people. I thought he was very interesting - smart and lawless. He lived in this shed behind some friends' group house. Everything around him was trashy. He was short and punk looking and had such intelligence - bitter intelligence. He took a shine to me, and the flattery of this motivated me to accept him. Everyone else thought he was a freak, but he was there at the right moment.

He would borrow money from me (I'm sure he'll pay me back real soon).
He was the only person I knew poorer than me. He would hang out with me a lot. His car got stolen/trashed/broke, and he borrowed my bike.

Our friendship ended then. I never saw that bike again - and my mom was rather pissed that I had taken it from her in the first place - so I suppose the universe rights itself. I still get shit for losing that bike and taking it without asking (I had rationalized that my mother had ridden this bike once in the four years they owned it - but it was a good once of a family biking trip at berry college in rome georgia in the gorgeous fall)...

Tim became the asshole everyone thought he was. He dissed me and became some strange bitter homeless freak that would be seen around town. Eric was around at the time, and he would always check after that bike.

Tim once saw a Bo Webb stand-up comedy show. He heckled like a total asshole. It was Bo's first and last stand-up attempt.

Tim was very interested in my style. He thought I was gorgeous - with conditions. I was 23 and full of stuff I didn't know I possessed. He told me I should never wear white around my face - and that gold was my metal - never silver.

I paid attention to the white (and think of him), but silver I lurve.

tim. tim. tim. tim.

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