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I am judging you

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You know how when you're a 'cool' person, you don't judge anyone. You have that "cool" attitude - it's all good. I'm cool. chill.

In a way it's bullshit.

We seekers of cool are just as much clones as the gap/jock/dork/nerd/preppy/hari krishna set. We all wear the same snug american apparel t-shirts. We have funky accessories and our hairs are cut often in similar patterns.

We judge. If you are wearing 'our' uniform, you get the benefit of our acceptance.

I realized just recently that I'm a member of the judge club. I like to think of myself as cool. I like to think of my friends as cool.

If you have to chase cool, you aren't cool - it's true.

But admit it, you see some dude dressed in white tennis shoes and too snug jeans - always tucking the shirt in - you judge them. You edit.

You'll be happy to know that I have changed this view - or at the very least realize it exists. First steps.

I believe I could love blindly - if acid or fire fucked up my lover's body - I would love them.

God knows I'd be grateful for the same.

We are all gods.

Even the dorks. even the jocks. even the bums. even the beauties.

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