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Happy Birthday Karen. This is late.

However, I did want to write an ode to you. I don't often forget birthdays (and I didn't forget yours), and I enjoy using the forum that the joyful robot provides in order to laud my friends.

You are in the inner circle. Some would think this would be more of a curse than an honour. I have been a handful indeed.

You saved me. When I was lost and friendless and struggling to even put my skin on, you affirmed me. We aren't the closest of friends in many ways. We don't talk on the phone or email on a regular basis.

Our friendship is too intense for that. More often than not, when we are together we laugh too hard or cry. It is intense. This is hard to take. I understand.

To me, you are the most sensitive bird. I would call you a phoenix. I think you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever encountered. Sometimes, I tell Jane that she reminds me of you - or I will tell her something that you said that was similar to what she says. It is a form of flattery to you. I adore you.

You are also a thoroughbred horse - fire. You are a lamp. You are a light.

I know that I could show up on your doorstep in need. Depending on your level of strength at the time, it would either put you in spasms of dread/worry or you would drawl to me in your best mae west and give me a shot of whisky. You are unpredictable to me. That's interesting.

My friend Mike has had a crush on you for forever. Mark doesn't get you. That should say volumes.

Have a great trip this year.
I am so obscenely proud of you I could burst.

May magic happen to you all of your life.
You will never die alone.
Not as long as I'm alive.

Reign on my lovely love.
Happy Late Birthday.

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