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Watching "buck rogers" from tivo

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met some people - well far too many people who had never indeed even so much as READ j.d. salinger. and they were at a hip art party on abbot kinney blvd in venice, california on friday, december second in the year after jesus died two thousand and five..... and didn't even fucking bother to read j.

simply lived on rumor and import and judged withtout even reading him.

Today's quote was not "you're just as likely to meet someone from paris, frn, etc..."
today's quote was "i sorry to sound a snob, but I'm simply shocked. it was a simple stray remark, and inadvertently and horribly I seem to have stumbled on unbiden knowledge that apparently scores of young, hip, dastardly cultural vanguards can attend a party on abbot kinney blvd in venice california and have not read j.d. salinger.

have him.

mock him.

roll your eyes.
if you want to take the chance.


but talk to me of not reading him.
that makes me rend my tunic.

'nine stories'
perfect day for bananafish.

I will risk your scorn.

I was just shocked."

Odd day, and I miss the lover.

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