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December Two Six

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Oh Lor, were it not for New Years Eve, what would I have in my life? Holidays lights and festivus - fill me and make me whole.

Bloggily, I will tell you that yesterday I sat on my ass and waited and slept and waited then finally slept for good at 9:30. It wasn't a sad day. I have the flu - again. I was invited to two parties on each night - but each time my co-pilot was unavailable or I was sick - etc. Whatever, I did not holiday it up. I left the porch lights on (they could be construed as christmas) all day / all night.

I didn't get to eat my chinois food as I was too lazy to get in my car and drive and no place was open. I ate chocolate covered almonds and a can of baked beans (i have a thing for them) and chips and salsa and finally some frozen lettuce wraps thing mark had bought.

Watched some law and order marathon. (that was a bit hard to take, but again - I was not malcontent).

Today, the dreaded day after christmas. It's over. I even wore red and green yesterday - but not today. That can wait a couple of hundred days. My nose is swollen and I had no idea so much phlemn and such could be produced so fast. I ache, but I'm not going to take any medicine just yet - because I only have the sleepy kind, and that sucked.

When will the pizza place open? I'm hungry. Today, the office is closed.

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