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Empress Love

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Lovely love of the loves of the ages. we are all stars because we were alive on many planets and we disintigrated from becoming the microbes of that life and bursted again and forever and kalpha... every time our planet died - into space - the dark matter.

why? to love.
I am you.

karmic mates, children, mothers, countries, ideas, beauty, microbes, pottery, bees, ancients, theories.

love. your love.

all love,
and I am your empress.

I am woman.
I am always pregnant.

I am always nurturing. I was once red, but your wet turned me blue.
(woman is always fire - the dual star and all. men the wet ocean giver).

women's liberation is love's liberation.
I am free. You are free.
(imagine what I will do if allowed to contain the miracle of what I can create with love - if I share my baby rearing and sometimes choosing not to rear and just love. it's just astounding to ponder the pregnant possibilities of woman. you worshipped us. we create life. we create you.
porno, art, hag,... all of it, but YOU are beautiful. now do what we

never before have we seen each other so much in the history of ever. We see each other and we see. we know. internet, television, books, science, bees, apes, war, religion, tennis.

and we know.

that love is everything.
(think what would happen if we let go).


even cats are stars.

It's not up to you. It never really was.


(and oh god, yes I know. it's hard)
but everything.

now go play. I want to love.

I love you.

You're trying too hard.
give yourself in.
you're trying too hard.

It's really not meant to be a struggle uphill.

light, warmth, grass, sea. lean into it.

unfurl in a generous way.

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