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Love Love those Lovers

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Love, love.

It deserves two.

Because it's beautiful what can unfold. Two joining - leaving the hermit
stage- getting blessed by the lessons learned from being alone.

Coming together. Black and white.

I get this. Marriage and choices.
Mirrors and joining.

(It's all existential, and I must apologize. I'm trying a theme and am bound by it - a discipline of my own making - imagine.)

I, myself, went into a box - a cell when I married. I became a married person and not a person. This was slow, and I could say I failed at it - but such lovely things.

I was a lover for a time - schnoopy and all that. My eyes were luminous, and I looked and was looked upon. I received healing and light. I had a glorious partner and thank the gods for that.


I have many trepidations for my choice. Is it correct? But it's really a process of the fear of being alone, so I am doing what I fear the most - being alone.

I am always with Other, and this is not bad. It's me, and I can no more stop being a star than I can stop breathing (apparently, when you hold your breath and pass out, you breath again).


That's what you do, and never stop.

I love you.

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