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(Scussi the title....You'll admit I had a bunch to shove in their on the last day of my things.)

Well, today, is actually Valentine's Eve, but perhaps you'll read this one Valentine's Day 2187.


OK, I'll do it. After everything, I will rebuild - after the jump, the synthesizing, the love, the rulership, the lust, the sacrifice... you get the point.

After, everything, I hope.

the stars.

A joy again.
A true joy. Beauty and you by my side.

Love, grass, kisses, wine, beauty.
sun and joy.

The aeon is not a judgement.
This we know now. The point and the netherreaches. Remember that thing I tried to tell - well never tire of telling you -marveling in the - what I call - nuit and osirus, but I know that's not it. Sometimes I say dna and body - sometimes I say nucleus and cell - sometimes black hole and universe.

I am purple prose. I love you. I am so very frightened as I've ... you know. Love.

We are everything together.

and we dance.

We are the universe.

Lovely love. All there is is love. Love Love.

I worship you.


I adore you.

Agape and all that.

Anyhoo, Happy Valentines Day.

Loverly, love love LOVE.

Shout it from the mountaintops.


love. love. love.


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