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Ah, a year ago.

Happy Birthday lil' Dexter! You are a cute and hugely enormously loved lil'
baby boy.


My goodness the time does fly. Why haven't I written my screenplay and become famously rich? Why do I have a week of strange panic attacks and having to breathe and STOP playing solitaire? Why am I addicted to Solitaire again. Why am I repeating a work pattern from the good old days of Carolina Ocean Studies?

I was going to entitle this entry "eine kleine brille musik" aber, Ich did not.

I am tired of being heavy, and honest to pete, this morning I truly did feel lighter then something frazzled me and all the old things came again. I think it was touching those divorce papers. When I told mark we'd have to sign one more round, he asked "are you sure you want to do this". It was unsettling. Yes, I'm sure, but I wish we could BOTH be sure. Again, it's like replaying a plane crash over and over again.

Dunkel Musique. Dunkel.

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