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Michele's party - same as last year - except this time I stayed there but was alone as I dj-ed. It was nice. I brought the $124 bottle of shampoo.

Met a Sioux princess Vikki.
Met a Chinese princess Ling.
Told of my native american lineage.

Was asked of any misery in my genetic line. I responded: "does the genocide of my people by 'the U.S.' count".

Danelle rocked.
I loved Michael.

Many amazing things.
I wasn't even going to go, but I thought I wanted an excuse to wear my red velvet coat and black and white striped dress.

I thought I would leave by eleven at the latest - making my stay an hour and a half.

I waked in saying "five, four, three, two, one... 'HAPPY CENTRAL TIMEZONE NEW YEAR!!!!'"

I am so embarassed by my theatrics, but I do them.

Much bonding

I arrived at ten pm - give or take a minute-.

I was dramatic.
I smoked weed.

I laughed.
I joked.
I espoused.

Enough about me.
how about you?

Just joking you. It's really all about me in 2007, but don't worry. I love you, so me being happy means you being happy.

I am home. It is 1:52. I shot noisemakers and played james brown then "new years' day.". I called you.

It was cherry.

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