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A Green Princess

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I have decided a show about cats - a reality show - sort of along the lines of 'the newlyweds, lost, and dog whisperer, and princesses of Iceland, Ireland, and Scotland'.... would be good.

Help me.

I am serene and a tiny bit "fuck it". I'm on me luncheon. I was just feeling like a british sad drama about the aging office worker - day in and day out the same...

That trip got me down... I am not down. I am writing to you. I live in emotion. When I am at a job, I am a bit of another person. Perhaps, I like the dichotomy.

So, I shall ask Ed when I return - if he had ambition and a desire to take the world by storm at my age (35).. and if he has lost it or did it and retired. He is gay. It is more like me. When you have children, it's a different thing and you are removed from this freedom of childlessness.

Or I could be wrong or forget.

Now for a fag. I'm zoooooming this out.

(ykw - yes, pique would be a word.)

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