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I talked to Kent yesterday. My first words were "I'm DYING to know what it's like for you to see your child for the first time. I told you what getting married was like really."

It's rare that I talk to Kent - that I feel worthy of calling "dormant" friends. This was like an old glove. Greg is visiting wilmington (to sadly spread Scout's ashes - "Barkers" lived until 17 and died a wolf's death out in the woods.) Kent said they had been in my backyard the day before, and it had been like yesterday.

I sat in Mark's house most of the evening and watched the first and last DVD on "Sex in the City".

The L-shape couch is a mess. When he washed the cushions during the surprise kitty flea invasion, it tore the fabric. It is officially a shitty looking college couch.

She had been so beautiful...

It started in New York where I was working for an ad agency about to interview for a big position as something ad-like... but for this story, I was a temp working as the head of all the secretaries at an ad agency in New York. Our account was diamonds.

We were living in a large apartment in brooklyn. We paid $1200 and could barely fill the space. We dreamt of an L-shape couch.

I remember checking yahoo sales ads from "work".

There was this one that I put as my wallpaper on the computer. I couldn't decide on it.

Fast things happened. We ended up buying a house in Wilmington. The couch was bought. It was in Atlanta. At the time, I made a bit more money than Mark, and I paid for it with my own big-girl earnings.

heady days.

Fit lovely in every place it lived. Four abodes in all. So comfortable.
It's been in our possession for ten years. It now has a blanket that I bought off of ebay covering it.

Dead couch.

Now off for my morning tea and fag.

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