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Boring Searing Dream #437

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So, I write this silly dirge just to complete my man oeuvre...

I cry and am surprised because I haven't felt real emotion in ages. I like
to feel emotion. I like to publish my writing. It seems pathetic to
someone who once said they loved me. I internalize this and reject it in a
hypnotic manner... blah blar.

So I take a Clonipan to pacificy the voice of chaos and slide into contented
sleep only to be jarred hourse later by a nightmare that would continue each
time I went back to sleep after being awoked.

Sitting in an apartment complex with two other friends living with me. It's
a balmy lovely night. There are hottubs and good feelings and comeraderie,
and I say to my companion: "isn't this amazing. this is all we need. how
fun to have friends and love and laughs". We are in college. We live near
an ocean.

Suddenly, I see something flash in the ocean. I'm transfixed. Before I can
point it out to the others, the large antenna keels over into the ocean and
starts submerging. Then I realize it's a boat. I point it out to the large
coterie of friends who love me. By this time, it's just a mere dark
tottering ship. They run to the beach. I stay at the house. I start to
see the shipwreck more clearly and bodies start pouring out - grey dead
bodies. I cry out to my friends to stay away - "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" They
can't hear me. Bad people have killed everyone on board and then start
killing my friends. They come to raid our houses. There is a mollasses
slowness about me. I realize, I just have a screen door and a glass doors.
They will kill me. I am too slow and all my friends have died.

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