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Nice. Like it so far. Rachel's birthday on Wednesday. Ansel Adams calendar very nice - trees this month (last month rocks).

I pick up trash on the beach but not on streets. When I owned a home, I cleaned the trash in front of my house - and once - when a but nuts/manic - picked it up in front of sandy's house. I think trash is ugly. It distracts from nature's beauty. How controversial of me. And actually, I would love to walk down the pacific and NOT pick up trash, but then I think of the dolphins and harp seals and just go "fuck" and pick it up. Sometimes, I'll do two trips up the soft sand to the trashcans and just say "dude, I'm off duty." but then I'll see styrofoam (NOTHING gets me like styrofoam in the sea), and pick up that. Sometimes I don't see styrofoam and can just look at the ocean and love it so much that my fucking soul gets a pat.

Here I am.

I had another dream last night that everyone hated me. This is getting recurring throughout my life. I call it a nightmare.

I'm not explaining my dream because I already wrote my therapist about it and dreams are boring to people who don't like you... and my readers are not necessarily the most "caring"... even though opinions are always nice - any feedback - even voices of reason and shit.

sigh. sigh. 'tis monday. nice.

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