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Eine Kleine Story about 2000: back when i was a dreamer

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Oh of course. I marched in two of the 2001/2 Peace Marches in DC. I wrote postcards to my city, state, presidential Officials. I wrote Letters to the Editor. It was a chore, but I did it because I love my country (the one I learned about in school in Georgia USA c. '79 - '93). I LOVED the United Nations. I adored Kennedy, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, F. Roosevelt, Truman. I WORSHIPPED the Supreme Court - that guy with the native american name, thurgood marshall... other people studied about in me education.

anyhoooo, what I'm writing about is fuck all that shit that got me nowhere (but tremendous sense of duty and spiritual mission deeds ((i'm crazy.)) and buddha). I loved that I did it. It was so sweet of me. Who knows if I've affected ANY person in a healing way in my entire thirty-five years? However, bless my pea-pickin' heart. I love the planet. I love peace. I love transparency. I love equality. I love fundamentalism (i could go paragraphs, but i'm hungry for a fag).

All that well and good, but how very amazing and wonderful that TIME MAGAZINE put - on their cover - a picture of a succelent apple with the headline "forget organic, eat local".

(and "inconvenient truth" won an Oscar.


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