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Leap and the Net Will Appear

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Leap and the Net Will Appear

A nice friend gave this card saying just that on my birthday celebration - drinkies at Ye Olde King's Head in Santa Monica. I was touched. She gives good gifts. I have the card on my refrigerator right now. I've had it on both of my refrigerators. I love it.

Leap and the Net will appear.

Oh Kindernen, I leap. I think I've died.
I realize I am thusly alive and somehow crawl up the fucking cliff to fucking jump again and fucking die and fucking crawl back up again. So, I'll suppose I have to do it without having Other hold my hand "one, two, three", we smile and grasp hands and leap - like that fucking beautiful ending in crouching tiger (hidden dragon).


I am beautiful when I am in the state of Love. this is fucking irony as only senseless others see it. My Lover (if such a fucking thing even fucking exists) has thus far NOT revelled in any sort of wonderous starlight I might emit.

then I turn fat and depressed.
tu joust. du lost. tu joust, du winnest, du joust.


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