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AKA. some things I know about Rich - our creator (I realized I didn't do shit for his birthday... oh THERE's a good one to start on...)

1. He's not so hot with acknowledging gag birthday gifts from people who have known him for years.

2. I have known rich since i was 24.

3. rich likes sushi - a lot

4. rich is low drama as in 'no drama'. the range i've seen is cranky bitchy to silly goofy drunky

5. when in rome, rich will smoke dope and drink schlitz ice

6. i'm high drama, so rich and i often "disagree". when i'm pissed at him, I call him dick - or more fully - dick pukeahanan.

7. he gropes his wife in public and talks about loving to make love to her as much as my tipsy stepfather does about my mother.

8. he was born and raised in asheville, north carolina

9. he's real into bikes and cars

10. i remember his birthday by the pneumonic device that it falls after groundhogs day.

11. rich once got stopped by London Metro Security (pre 9.11 thank gods)

12. rich loves npr and will quote it for you non stop.

13. rich stupidly loves 'surferosa' over 'doolittle' (he's WRONG).

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