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  Cashing out the daylight savings account
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I love when we "fall back." I know I live in a world of spring aheaders, but not me. Every hour of my fall back day is an extra one. I went out to breakfast in my extra hour. I read the NY times for an extra hour on my sofa. I used my extra hour to pay my bills, buy a drill, stain some ignored furniture. There was an extra hour to make chocolate pudding and watch some t.v. And a lingering bedside novel finally turned its last pages in the extra hour I read in bed.

Even more than my free hour, I love the first real morning. Sunlight in the kitchen instead of fumbling darkness and fluorescent lightning. The air outside expectant and cold and ready for wool and the steady march toward family and holidays.

Even the long shadows around my five o'clock windows are not unwelcome; their very insistence seems to say, its ok, go home already, pay the dark sky some attention again.

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