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Director's Cut
So I saw the new, extended version of Lord Of The Rings last night. They went back and re-instated some 35 extra minutes of footage left off the theatrical release. It's all pretty cool, lending the story a few extra plot points, along with some moments that will surely help define future events in the next film, as well as just a little old fashioned extra character development.

However, I was a little perplexed by the inclusion of one story element in particular. It's more in keeping with Tolkien's original storyline, but still, it was somewhat off-putting to see Sir Mix-A-Lot's deleted scenes. Don't get me wrong, it WAS definitely cool, especially when you first see him approach from the distance in his station wagon.

The thing is, we get to the point where the fellowship leaves Elf Town. Sir Mix-A-Lot (aka the "Tolkien Negro") volunteers to stay behind, prefering instead to "kick it back with the Aerosmith chick" just before going into a huge dance number. But that's it. We never rejoin that storyline. I guess they could only add so much new footage before it became overkill. But I will give composer Howard Shore bonus points for interpolating "Put 'Em on the Glass" into the score. Very effective. Almost spine-tingling at times!

Oh well. Maybe in another three months they'll re-re-release it again with even more footage. Or maybe he'll re-appear in the forthcoming installment which, from what I understand, has been subtly re-titled "Some Towers", so as not to remind us of that horrible day.

I can't wait!!!

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