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typical, blog-style day-in-the-life kind of thing, and no hard c*ck

(aka "One Cingular Sensation')

First off, this is one of those things where I had it all typed out, then my computer crashed. It was a little better the first time. Now I'm just re-hashing it to the best of my memory.

So this past weekend reba (the wife) and I decided to take the baby into hot, steamy Manhattan for some errands ahoy. While the missus was getting her hairs did and I watched the baby, I decided to make a few calls on my cellular phone device machine...or so I thought. The little window on the outside of my phone said NO SERVICE, while the big inner window clarified the condition further with the message UNREGISTERED SIM. Hmm. Out of curiosity I used reba's phone to try calling mine to see what would happen.

Someone ELSE answered my phone, which was still sitting in my lap...


"Oh, hi...I'm trying to call 917-my-phone-number. Is this the right number?"

"Oh, no. This is 917-your-phone-number-with-one-digit-different"


Stee-range. We get home and I call up the friendly folks in the Cingular customer support mountain hideaway. Today I get the 18 year-old girl from Long Island. When I tell her what's up, she says...

"Oh mah gaawhd! Oh no they di-int! You know wah hah-peen? Someone at da store musta accidentally put your number on someone else's phone...ohmahgwaaahd!"

At this point she's freaking out way more than I am. I inquire as to what hah-peens now. Sadly, it cannot be fixed o'er the phone, so I have to venture to one of the dismal Cingular phone huts in the city and get my SIM card replaced, "...but don't wuhvy, ah puht a thing that says you don't gotta pay foh eet, cos normally those are like twenny dollahs". Then she adds, "And guess what, when you get your phone fixed, it'll make the other guy's phone quit workin' just like yours did!" Oh boy! Just what I wanted! Sweet revenge on the guy who had nothing to do with it! Thanks! I decided to call the guy with my number and alert him to what was going on. He sounded appreciative, but he also sounded like he thought I was trying to scam him somehow. I wonder how I'd react if someone called me and said I have to take my phone in to get looked at because I accidentally have the person on the other end's number. Wasn't this a Twilight Zone?

So this is where my story runs outta steam. No hellacious stories of frustrating and crazed attempts to get my phone back the way it was. I just had to wait in an annoying line for a while. They fixed it and off I went. However my phone account appears to have been zeroed out as if I just got the account! I'll have to call and see what that's all about, ah-vight?

But while I'm on the subject, the funny thing is that, back when the missus and I bought these phones, we were halfway across town when reba starts getting all these random calls for someone whose name is NOT reba. Long story short, the same thing happened to HER phone right when we got it! We went back to the store only to find that another lady who was buying a phone at the same time wound up with reba's number in her phone and vice versa.

Just trying to write this in a non-confusing way is making my head hurt.

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