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Surprising Things About Penis Enlargement
Someone told me the other day that they were surprised to see so much spam about penis enlargement. Now, the only thing that surprises me about the surge in this kind of product marketing is that it hasn't happened sooner. This is a sure-fire way to make money. There are infinitely more men out there that would enlarge their penis if given the change, than there are women who would enlarge their breasts. Exploiting folks' insecurities is the best way to make money. That's one of the pillars of capitalism. And especially when selling a product that, if it fails to work, will very likely elicit few gripes.

Here's a phone call between an unhappy penis enlargement customer and the "refund line"...

Customer: Hello, I bought your, um, product, and it, ah, didn't, um, work.

Representative (of course a female): Can you explain more about your experience, and why exactly you are not satisfied?

Customer: Well, I took the pills just like the bottle says and, uh, well...

Representative: Are you saying that your penis, which you find to be of less than satisfactory size, did not respond to the product?

Customer: ...yes.

Representative: Are you sure that you measured correctly before and after the treatment and that your penis, after using our proven product, is still what you would consider to be small?

Customer: ....*Click*

What also surprises me is that TV and print media has not reported on this phenomenon. I mean, the ads are two to three pages long in the backs of all our most popular magazines. It is consistently cramming our mailboxes with promises to enlarge. I think it simply has to do with the fact that the male-dominated media does not feel comfortable airing stories about penis size. And advertisers would not advertise on a show about this issue, because (most) men will most likely change the channel (especially if in the company of someone of the opposite sex). I see shows all the time (Dateline, etc.) dealing with cosmetic surgery, breast implants and augmentations, etc. But never do you see a look into the penis enlargement business. I think
I did see something on the Discovery Channel once.

The funny thing is that most of the guys who will buy this product probably have no social skills anyway, and probably have very little chance at ever being in a situation where a woman would consensually look at their penises. These guys will sit at home and hope that it works so that they can look better masturbating, and so they can show their penises to unsuspecting AOL chatters. They will video themselves masturbating so that they can masturbate to videos of themselves masturbating to videos of themselves masturbating. Practicing for that big day when they get the girl and she never leaves them for fear of life without the king dong.

I surely hope that the products do not work. Otherwise we are going to have millions of men walking around with penises in their pants that are grotesquely out of whack and not ideal for a normal, healthy sex life.
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