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Hershey's and Dior Have a Problem They Want To Sell You
It's so great to see two of America's biggest health problems shown in such positive light in television advertisements...

Dior Addict: The tagline is "admit it", the first step to all addiction recovery. It's so great that Dior wants to sell us the glamour of addiction and recovery. I have never seen it look so fun. Naked women, sweaty bodies, and clothes that just fall right off. Admit it? Why? I have nary a problem with naked women, sweaty bodies, and clothes that just fall right off.

Hershey's: The commercial shows "testimonials" of candy eaters equating the eating of chocolate with happiness. One of my favorite testimonials shows an eater admitting that he breaks the pieces into smaller pieces so that he can fool himself into thinking that there is more of it to eat than there really is. Awesome! Too bad we didn't get the one by the person who eats ten candy bars, then vomits so that they can eat another!

I'm sure that the "suicide is cool" ads are just around the corner.
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