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Joe Millionaire, You Let Us Down
I guess I shouldn't have put so much faith in Fox. I remember when I first heard of the premise of Joe Millionaire. I thought it sounded brilliant and that it might just end up satirizing these dating/reality shows, in a sense, by letting us in on the joke and allowing these people to chase a fantasy. In the end, this show ended up as just another one of these shows. What did we learn at the end? That money, afterall, must really matter. The way it was edited, obviously to add punch to the "twist", the money totally overshadowed the fact that these two people managed (we are led to believe) to come togehter regardless of socio-economic status (which will be ratcheted up a notch or two after a show like this anyway). I guess, afterall, Joe Millionaire showed us what we already know: that money isn't that important, but it's more important than we will admit. And you could see it in their eyes, probably more than any inkling of love.
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