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Burn Hollywood Burn
I don't know if you guys have seen this about the Oscars, and how they're going to "tone down" this year because of the impending war with Iraq. How they're going to not have the red carpet, etc.

Oscar Co-Producer Gil Cates recently announced, "Keeping in mind the world situation, the Academy has elected to prepare a more sober preshow and a scaled-back arrivals sequence. The traditional splashy red carpet arrivals line will be truncated."

What a bunch of fucking pricks these Hollywood people are. I am so sick of it. Who the fuck cares? What good does it do to "scale it back"? Either have them, or don't. What kind of a message does that send to simply sober the event up? As much as it tries to say anything else, it says loud and clear that Hollywood is scared shitless at the prospect of war (and the threat of terrorist retaliation) and its effect on the entertainment industry over the next several months.

If they're trying to say, "In the big picture, this awards show is not very important," then fucking don't have them. Cancel them. Black out the screen. If they are trying to say, "Troops we are with you," then fucking do it up with fireworks, surprse host Wolf Blitzer, a red white and blue carpet, and by arriving in chaufferred military tanks. If they are saying, "We disagree with the war," then either cancel it altogether or turn it into a protest rally hosted by TV president Martin Sheen. This stupid half assed response is only a last gasp attempt to keep people interested in the Oscars on the eve of war. To keep people interested in who Gwenyth is dating, rather than in how many body bags have been shipped to Iraq.

Hollywood, you are full of shit. I am somehow not so bothered by the fact that North Korea has missiles that can reach the west coast. Nothing like that cloud hanging over your head to remind you of your mortality and relative insignificance.

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