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Editorial Memos for TRIUNO Multi-Phasic Personality Test

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To: Jay (Production)
cc: JJ, James, Jocelyn, Jim, Jim P.
RE: TRIUNO Manual: Blue Proofs/Online
DT: 8/11/03
FR: Jae (Production Editor)

The manual MUST be cut 32 pages down to 32. Meaning from the current 64 to 32, by TOMORROW to have it back from the printer in time to meet the first orders. I'm sorry to be the one to throw this brick at this stage. (I've spoke to the print rep and it not a problem seeing we will be paying almost the same fee. The online version need not be the same but will need to updating with copyediting corrections and the file size MUST be much smaller than it is now. Take out all redundant graphs and shrink the images, etc. Specifics are marked on the proof which will be coming your way. Also, there were far too many typos on the printer's proof—I found at least a dozen missing words, misspellings, grammatica problems, etc. This should NEVER happen. Jim is looking it over now. I realize we've had unfeasonable dead lines, but again this should'nt have happned and I'm afraid suffer.

To: Jae, Jim, JJ, Tom, Jocelyn
FR: James

I only found a few more things, and rather than marking your wonderfully marked up copy, I will list them here:

• All instances of the word "inconceivable" should be changed to "inconsolable."
• Check to make sure "preoccupation" should be only "occupation," meaning eliminate the "pre" in the proper instances.
• Eliminate the third paragraph on p2, beginning "No one wants a questionable.." and
• 5th line, top right corner on page 4, "And then you will come to know my wrath."
• "import" should be "pert" on p22.
• p31 in the sidebar "Epileptics and chicken-thieves" should simply be "embezzlers."
• p32 in the index, "Negroid" should be "African Origin," "Mongoloid" should be "Asian Origin" and "The Jewish Question" should be deleted as it does not pertain to this text.
• All instances of TRIUNO must have a trademark symbol following TRIUNO.
• Last, the graph on p12 looks a little maladjusted and should line up with the graph below it and viceyversy.

All best and good work.

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