Film and Television Rights: Chat with a Stranger on the Train Day

Monday, August 2, is the inaugural international event "Chat with a Stranger on the Train Day." The event itself seems self-explanatory, whether you ride the Metro, the Underground, the good ol' Subway, or any of the many commuter trains, Monday is the day to finally say something (polite) to your neighbor.

This may cause fear and trepidation in some, so here's a few brief suggestions of what (in most cases) might be left unsaid.

1. I've seen you naked before, I'm almost certain.
2. I've been praying over it, and god told me to ask you to vote republican. (Obviously avoid religion and politics even if the person's many slogan-laden buttons seem to justify it.)
3. I'm excited today, because I just bought a new knife.
4. Do you ever think about being trapped underground?
5. I noticed you were reading, I, too, know how to read, but am not such a showoff.
6. Would you please turn back to the previous page, as I'm a slow reader.
7. And the oldie but goodie, which may seem harmless, but avoid it: "What's that smell?"

Some icebreakers to consider for Monday's commute:

1. Did you read on happyrobot that today is "Chat with a Stranger on the Train Day?"
2. I like (current sport--local favorite) and also the weather.
3. I noticed you were reading, I, too, know how to read. Do you have a favorite word?
4. I like monkeys and robots.
5. Would you like to chat with me about real estate and restaurants after we've exhausted the topic of the latest films we've seen?
6. I noticed you have an iPod. I also have an iPod. But I bet yours doesn't only contain 642 versions of Ravel's "Bolero."
7. On the whole, I'd say everyone on this train smells pretty damn good.

Oddly, Monday is also "Shut the Hell Up on the Elevator Day." So go figure.

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