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Freelance Whales

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Please don't confuse me with someone plugged-in, well, to anything. Not Swedish erotica, artisanal cheese, the inner workings of watch factories, wizard lounges, the latest in pants technology, and definitely not new music. I've a few friends with great taste who used to make me mix tapes, Spott, Brian, et al, including Mr. Robot himself,  and I pretty much still listen to most of the bands they introduced me too.

That said, a while back I was walking home half-lit after meeting friends for a drink in the East Village, and lingered awhile to listen to a band playing on the corner of First and First. From their sound it was obvious they weren't typical street musicians. Not that there's anything wrong with a typical street musician, but these earnest kids were definitely playing their own music. It came across to me as warm, generous, serious, fun. I told them I liked what they were doing, and they gave me a flier for their CD release party at Pianos. Hearing them gladdened my heart for the rest of the walk home, for lack of a more clever way to put it, and they stuck in my head. I noticed they played at CMJ this past week, which propelled me to post just now. (Plus I'm a sucker for a banjo and a glockenspiel.)

In case you haven't heard them--and there's a good chance you have, here's a write-up of Freelance Whales. And a few songs: Generator - First Floor, and Generator - Second Floor.

And below is a video I found. You may have to be generous and forgive it a little, then listen to the mp3s.

Nice to discover something new in unexpected places.

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